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A clinically-proven online therapeutic support to help find a way through depression*

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Responds individually and adjusts the contents accordingly
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Who is deprexis® for?

Are you looking for help overcoming your depressive symptoms such as low mood, loss of interest and pleasure, low energy, trouble with sleeping or eating? deprexis® might help you to find a way through depression.

deprexis® is used in the supportive treatment of adult patients with unipolar depression or depressive disorders.

deprexis® should not be used by patients with bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder (e.g. schizophrenia) or by patients with suicidal thoughts.

Please consult your health care professional for more information.


deprexis® might help you to find a way through depression

What is deprexis®?

deprexis® is a clinically-proven online therapeutic support program primarily based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. It provides a series of tailored sessions including information about the clinical situation of depression, proposes exercises, methods and techniques.

deprexis® responds individually to patients’ feedback and adjusts the contents accordingly. It is password-protected and can be accessed anytime during 90-days via internet on web-browser of different devices  (smartphone, tablet or computer).

deprexis® includes an option to monitor mood to discuss it with the health care professional.


How to use deprexis®?

deprexis® should ideally be used 1 to 2 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes over the 90-day period (~12 weeks)

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